Praise for Recognize Fascism

“These are voices we need to be hearing now, a powerful chapter in the F&SF tradition of speculative resistance, ‘realists of a larger reality’ as LeGuin put it, whose word-art nurtures freedom and the seeds of change.”

—Ada Palmer, Astounding Award winner and Hugo Award finalist.

“‘Fascist’ is so often an epithet that we sometimes forget that it is also a descriptor, a label that can and must be accurately applied if we are to avoid reliving history’s greatest horrors. Recognize Fascism isn’t just a collection of fiction: it’s training data for knowing when it’s time to take to the streets.”

—Cory Doctorow, award-winning author of Little Brother and Radicalized.  

“These stories are passionate, heartbreaking, and important. Also, occasionally very funny!”

—Naomi Kritzer, award-winning author of Catfish on CatNet.

“Writers have struggled over the past decade to stay one step ahead of dystopia, to preserve their resilient threads of hope. This collection is a rope bridge made of those things, braided with indomitable strength and a willingness to see the other side will not be easy to reach, and that it will take all of us working with our eyes wide open to even try.”

—Meg Elison, Philip K. Dick Award winner.

Nina Niskanen sets her tender fantasy “The Scale of Defiance” in a city whose occupants change size according to their mood, while Leonardo Espinoza Benavides grounds his vivid “Octobers/October” in Chilean history. [T]his timely anthology… will no doubt resonate with politically minded readers.”

—Publishers Weekly.

“…an enjoyable and intriguing read that encourages the reader to critically assess their own lives and their encounters with fascism. With worlds a little too like our own, albeit with slightly more biomechanical arms and lazers, Recognize Fascism serves as a grim reminder that we’re only a few missteps away from fascism ourselves.”

—British Fantasy Society.

Recognize Fascism was a wild ride that I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone who has wondered how they’d react in a crisis.”

—Long and Short Reviews.

Recognize Fascism Anthology

Across many worlds and many timelines, these stories depict the moments when people see the fascism in front of them for what it is, accept it as real, and make the choice to fight it. Who are the canaries in the coal mine? When can the long-hidden voice no longer be ignored? Anti-fascist rebellion can take many forms. A transgender woman living on an artificial satellite learns to reject oppression via poetry. A machine ethicist finds a way to dance with her gods in a surveillance state. An unlikely golem hears a new call to action. A jailed musician rediscovers the music of rebellion.

Will you recognize fascism and join the rebellion?

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign, copies of Recognize Fascism will be delivered to each member of the US Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States! Thank you very much for the support! We’ll see how it goes.

Recognize Fascism (World Weaver Press) will be available through traditional vendors in October 2020. Click here for the full table of contents and to learn more about the authors!

Recognize Fascism Cover

Con textos de ciencia ficción y fantasía de escritores de 9 países, Chile no se ha quedado atrás: junto con mi querido amigo y colega Rodrigo Juri aparecemos en este libro con nuestros cuentos “Octobers/October” y “Notes on the Supply of Raw Material in the Bodies Market”. Vuelvo a expresar mi emoción y alegría de lo que esto implica y significa, sobre todo en estos tiempos de tanta agitación social y política. Este libro espera ver la luz en octubre de este año, mes importante para Chile y para Estados Unidos, el país de la editorial (World Weaver Press). Para nosotros, fecha ahora emblemática en nuestra sociedad; para los estadounidenses, elecciones en contexto de Trump y lo que ello implica. ¡GRAN MES, INDEED! Y esta antología viene a poner una voz potente en tales circunstancias.

Y aquí les dejo este video de la mente maestra, Crystal Huff, haciendo el unboxing del libro. Enjoy!