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Recognize Fascism Anthology

Across many worlds and many timelines, these stories depict the moments when people see the fascism in front of them for what it is, accept it as real, and make the choice to fight it. Who are the canaries in the coal mine? When can the long-hidden voice no longer be ignored? Anti-fascist rebellion can take many forms. A transgender woman living on an artificial satellite learns to reject oppression via poetry. A machine ethicist finds a way to dance with her gods in a surveillance state. An unlikely golem hears a new call to action. A jailed musician rediscovers the music of rebellion.

Will you recognize fascism and join the rebellion?

RECOGNIZE FASCISM (World Weaver Press) will be available in ebook and paperback through a Kickstarter campaign running July 28 to August 28, 2020, and will be available through traditional vendors in October 2020. Click here for the full table of contents and to learn more about the authors!

Recognize Fascism Cover

Con textos de ciencia ficción y fantasía de escritores de 9 países, Chile no se ha quedado atrás: junto con mi querido amigo y colega Rodrigo Juri, aparecemos en este libro con nuestros cuentos “Octobers/October” y “Notes on the Supply of Raw Material in the Bodies Market”. Vuelvo a expresar mi emoción y alegría de lo que esto implica y significa, sobre todo en estos tiempos de tanta agitación social y política. Este libro espera ver la luz en octubre de este año, mes importante para Chile y para Estados Unidos, el país de la editorial (World Weaver Press). Para nosotros, fecha ahora emblemática en nuestra sociedad; para los estadounidenses, elecciones en contexto de Trump y lo que ello implica. ¡GRAN MES INDEED! Y esta antología viene a poner una voz potente en tales circunstancias. ¡Se viene muy buena!

Como parte de la campaña de Kickstarter, de manera periódica se van subiendo videos con los autores leyendo fragmentos de sus cuentos. Está genial. ¡Los invito a echarles un vistazo! Aquí les dejo mi video y, abajo, el texto leído. ¡Ojalá les guste!

Text of the Excerpt:

“My entire life is burning,” he growled with a twisted laugh, contorting his face in a series of grimaces. “Now I can’t open my eyes even a little bit. I can’t see a thing.”

“Think of this as an opportunity to cry about other things,” said Moira, also laughing, her red cheeks peeking out over the faded red bandana she was wearing.

“A little water with bicarbonate, friend?”

A girl in goggles sprayed their eyelids with liquid from a bottle she carried. Bit by bit, calm descended. As Yuri recovered his vision, he saw a large bonfire rising on the main avenue toward the west. He heard several booming thuds, possibly large chunks of pavement being thrown by demonstrators against metallic barriers, or maybe fire extinguishers tossed onto the fire, or they could even have been signal flares shot up by the soccer fans du jour. He couldn’t quite figure it out, with all the blending noise, but he did recognize the dry roar that started immediately afterward. Three cartridges shot in formation over their heads left a trail of irritating gas. A fourth landed just shy of his right foot.

Before he could kick it, a nearby woman wearing gloves threw it back.

“Hold on, Moira, hold on!” he said, a little amused. “It will pass, we just have to wait. Stay calm. No more than a couple of minutes.”

“The cops are coming! Weón, run!”

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